Black Hollywood - A2 Media Studies
Gone With the Wind, 1939
What is your first reaction to this representation?

                               Five African American Stereotypes - Stuart Hall, UCL

1. The 'Good Negro'- knows his place, shows white dominance.
past example: Crooks, Of Mice and Men
present example: Chris Gardner, Pursuit of Happiness

2. The 'Coon' (Purest) -
(Pickainniy) - childlike
(Uncle Remus) -

3. The 'Tragic Mulatto' - fair-skinned trying to fit in with white society

4. The 'Mammy' - loud, independent, over weight
past example -
present example -

5. The 'Brutal Black Buck' - bad, over-sexed, savage, likes white women
past example - 
present example - Kevin and Marcus Copeland, White Chicks

What are the cultural and period influence on this text?

If made today, now would the representation be different, what changes would you make and STILL make an accurate representation of the period?

Film: Race: The Floating Signifer - Stuart Hall, UCL 

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