Hi! My name is Rasha and I am an A2 Media student currently studying in an unknown location in Brentford. The purpose of this website is to organize my classwork, essays, coursework and whatever else media related and in future to be used as a revision guide, not only for myself but hopefully for others too. I am constantly hoping to better myself and become an independent learner, so if there is anything on this site you want me to improve or change please let me know! 

I have always really enjoyed studying Media and first checked out lessons as a GCSE option in Year 10. I found the subject really interesting and decided to continue with the subject in my further education. The subject has really opened my mind into how much Media Studies actually covers! Not just film, television and internet but also media through the ages and what the hidden agenda of some television broadcasting companies really is!

I have learned to read between the lines and not just take everything I have been given for face value and that is a great life long lesson learned. So far I have finished the first year of my course and found it exciting, full of new opportunities and at the end of it I had a great home-made horror film trailer as a souvenir. This year our course is split up into two sections MEST 3 and MEST 4.