Moral Panic - An Alternative view in Politics and the Media 

Cohen (1987) coined the term 'moral panics' which he defined as 'a sporadic episode which, as it occurs, subjects society to bouts of moral panic, or in other terms, worry about the values and principles which society upholds which may be in jeopardy'. He describes the characteristics of a moral panic as 'a condition, episode, person or group of persons [who] become defined as a threat to societal values and interests'.

Do you understand what constitutes Moral Panic?

How is the Media involved with Moral Panic?

What roles do the Media play in relating Moral Panics to the public?

Can you think of a number of current Moral Panics?
1. Global Warming - Snow
2. Terrorism - Nigerian suicide bomber
3. Recession - University places decreased

How have these been characterized in the Media?

Viewed 'NewsWipe' by Charlie Brooker - Mocking the News